All practitioners must acknowledge their individual responsibilities to bring matters of concern to the attention of senior management and/or relevant agencies. Although this can be difficult this is particularly important where the welfare of children may be at risk.

You may be the first to recognised that something is wrong but may not feel able to express your concerns out of a feeling, that this would be disloyal to colleagues or you may fear harassment or victimisation. These feelings, however natural, must never result in a child or young person continuing to be at unnecessary risk. Remember it is often the most vulnerable children or young people who are targeted. These children need someone like you to safeguard their welfare.

“Don’t think what if I’m wrong – think what if I’m right.”

Whistle blowing occurs when a member of staff, student or volunteer raises a concern about potential danger or illegality that they have witnessed through work. It is important to Little Foxes that a high quality of service is given to both the children in our care and their carer’s.

This policy covers all people attending Little Foxes both paid and unpaid member of the team. In the first instance any concerns should be reported to the Manager either verbally or in writing.

Reasons for Whistle Blowing:

  • Each individual has a responsibility for raising concerns about unacceptable practice or behaviour.
  • To prevent the problem worsening.
  • To protect or reduce risks to others.
  • To prevent becoming implicated yourself.
  • The unauthorised use of company’s funds.
  • Possible fraud and corruption
  • Sexual or physical abuse of adults and children where referral under Safeguarding Procedures is not appropriate.
  • Other unethical conduct.

Employee Allegations

If an allegation or concern is raised against a member of staff

The Manager or Safeguarding Officer must contact the LDO within 1 working day. They must follow the instructions given by the LDO throughout the whole process. You should always inform the Specialist Assessment Team and OFSTED.

A member of staff is not expected to prove the truth of an allegation but will need to demonstrate sufficient grounds for the concern.

Any Other Concerns
Following concerns that have led to whistle blowing the Manager/Deputy will undertake a full investigation collecting the relevant documentation to investigate the issues that have been raised no matter how big or small.
After the investigation is completed the findings will be recorded and reported to the individuals involved. If they are not happy with the decision they can then contact the Area Manager by telephone or email.

We feel it is important as an organisation that any concerns can be dealt with internally in order to maintain the high standards that we expect from all staff paid and unpaid.
All persons whether paid or unpaid have to right to report any concerns at the first instance directly to the Local Designated Officer (LDO) and OFSTED.

It is important as an organisation to support the person who has raised the concern and to reassure them that there will be no threat to their employment even if later their concern is shown to be unfounded. The victimisation or harassment by others will not be tolerated. However, malicious allegations may be considered as a disciplinary offence.

After all investigations are completed and you feel that you are not satisfied you have the right to report your concerns to Ofsted or LDO whistleblower hotline


Harassment or Victimisation

  • The Directors are committed to good practice and high standards and want to be supportive of employees.
  • The Directors recognised that the decision to report a concern can be a difficult one to make, however if what you are reporting is true, then there should be nothing to fear as you have a duty of care to your employers and those who use our service.
  • The Directors will not tolerate any harassment or victimisation including informal pressures, appropriate action will be taken to protect you when raising a concern in good faith.

What stops people from whistle blowing?

  • Fear of starting a chain of events which spirals out of control.
  • Disruption of the working day
  • Fear of getting it wrong
  • Fear of repercussions or damaging careers
  • Fear of not being believed.

How to raise a concern

  • Concerns or suspicions should be raised as soon as possible, as the earlier the concern is reported the sooner action can be taken.
  • Try to ensure that you have the facts of you are concerned and why.
  • Report it to your Manager or Safeguarding Officer.
  • If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation then contact Area Manager Anna Hampson (07714093507).
  • Ideally you should put your concerns in writing, include all the facts about the incident that is caused the concern. (outlining the incident ensuring that names, dates and places are included. The more detail given the better.)
  • Be aware that you may be questioned about the incident, do not get upset, this is only to ensure that the investigator has a clear picture of the incident before contacting LDO/Careline and conducting an investigation.

Please be aware that some concerns can be rectified and actions put in place without the need for an investigation. If urgent action is required, this will be taken before any investigation is conducted.


All concerns will be treated in confidence and every efforts will be made not to reveal your identity if you so wish. At the appropriate time, however, you may need to come forward and give evidence.

Anonymous Allegations

This policy encourages you to put your name to your allegation whenever possible. Concerns expressed anonymously are less powerful but will be considered in the context, considering the following factors:

  • The seriousness of the issues raised.
  • The credibility of the concern.
  • The likelihood of confirming the allegation from trustworthy sources.
  • §123Please remember that malicious allegations will not be tolerated, and may be considered as a disciplinary offence.

All concerns that are brought to the attention of the Manager/Safeguarding Officer will be investigated and dealt with according to policies, procedures and following advice from appropriate agencies.

If any member of staff feels that they need to contact agencies outside the company, try contacting:

  • Local Citizen Advice Bureau Number: 08448269694
  • LDO Number: 01744-671809
  • Ofsted Number: 0300 123 1231
  • Local Police Number: 0151-7096010

Contact details


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