Little Foxes has many visitors for various reasons. All visitors must be identified before entering the premises.

The following procedure should be followed:

The member of staff must ask the visitor for identification if they are not known to them. Before they are allowed to enter the building. They must also request who they would like to see and the nature of their call.
The following guidance are designed to control all visitors to the premises. Any visitors should not be permitted to walk freely around the setting for Health and Safety and security reasons. In the event of an emergency where a full examination of the building is required, it is imperative to know the number of people in the building and their location.
This can be achieved by maintaining the details of the visitor record the name, the time of arrival, and the further details required.
The staff member that first meets the visitor should ensure that they do the following:
Check the visitor’s identification prior to entering the building

  • The visitor completes the visitors record
  • Visitors attention is drawn to the safety rules eg, mobile phone use is not permitted
  • If the visitor has an accident or injury whilst on the premises they must report this to the Manager or senior staff and complete an accident form
  • Visitors must sign out on departure

In the event of an emergency the member of staff who is with the visitor will ensure they are safely evacuated.
Should you observe someone on the premises that you do not recognise you should

  • Ask the Manager who they are/ senior in their absence
  • All visitors MUST have identification with them if they do not have ID explain that due to no ID you cannot allow entry. Leave the visitor outside the building and go straight to the Manager and inform them
  • If you are concerned or feel there is a safety issue CALL THE POLICE.

Visitor Safety Rules

When a visitor is on site they must adhere to the following rules. Little Foxes staff will ensure any visitor to the premises adheres to these rules and may draw the visitor to this policy or verbally explain these expectations where required.

  • Have a prearranged appointment where possible
  • Formally identify themselves eg photo id, driving licence, passport, bank card
  • Complete the visitors record on arrival and departure
  • No mobile phone use whilst on the premises, the visitor MUST turn it off/ silence it for the duration of there visit
  • If they arrived by vehicle it is parked within the requirements for this Little Foxes site. Without obstruction to existing vehicles or exit or entry.
  • Once they have shown ID the visitor must remain in the foyer whilst a member of Little Foxes staff retrieves the member of staff that will be accompanying the visitor.
  • Security- Nothing must be taken from the premises without permission. If you require something this must be requested direct with the manager. We reserve the right to request to search visitor’s bags, packages and vehicles. Suspicious looking packages/ items must be reported to the Manager immediately.
  • Health and Safety if you require protective clothing this must be discussed with the manager
  • Fire and evacuation visitors must obey the fire procedure and comply with the ‘No Smoking’ controls