Little Foxes views social networking sites as a strictly personal activity, all members of Little Foxes staff are requested to restrict use. When using the term ‘social networking’ this refers to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Bebo, Face Party and many more.

Employees are asked not to display on their personal profiles that they work for Little Foxes or display any photographs of themselves in Little Foxes uniforms or of Little Foxes premises.
Employees are asked to not discuss Little Foxes and any aspect of its business with the children, parents, professionals or prospective parents that may visit or intend to visit Little Foxes during or after employment.

With this in mind I must refer to our Confidentiality Policy.

Employees are reminded when they join said social networking sites you accept their terms and conditions. Little Foxes urges you to read these carefully to ensure you do not breech any of our policies by accepting said terms and conditions.

Whilst using these sites Little Foxes must strongly recommend employees comply with the law in regard to copy write, plagiarism and other relevant laws include those to libel and defamation of character.

Social networking sites are not to interfere in any way with Little Foxes employees job role and responsibilities.

Little Foxes employees are forbidden from being connected in any way on social networking sites with parents or relations of any child that attends Little Foxes nurseries, if the only connection between parties is Little Foxes. Staff may be connected with parents or relatives of children if connections have been made prior to any child starting Little Foxes, this will be periodically checked via such social media sites.

If Little Foxes employees breech the policy in any way the company will follow strict disciplinary procedures, this includes behaviours during and after employment.
If you wish to discuss any aspect of this policy please see Mr J Brown or in his absence Mrs Hampson.

This policy is in accordance with the Guidance for Safer Working Practice for Adults who Work with Children and Young People.

“Communication between children and adults, by whatever method, should take place within clear and explicit professional boundaries”.

We would like to set out some guidance with the policy in relation to status updates and wall posts. Statements such as “I cannot wait for this week to be over”, “I am feeling very sick”, “loves being off work” do not portray a positive image of the nursery. Staff are urged to bear this in mind when using the sites and if they would like to discuss this further please see Mr Brown or Mrs Hampson and we will be happy answer any questions staff may have.