In the event that a child is not collected from Little Foxes by an authorised adult at the end of their session, we put into practise agreed procedures. These ensure that the child is cared for safely by an experienced and qualified practitioner who is known to the child. We will ensure the child receives a high standard of care in order to cause as little distress as possible. We inform the parents/cares of our procedure so that if they are unavoidably delayed they will be reassured that their child will be properly cared for.
Parents of children starting the nursery are asked to provide specific information which is recorded on the registration form.

  • Home address and telephone number – if parent does not have a telephone number an alternative number must be given, neighbour or close relative.
  • Place of work plus telephone number if applicable.
  • Mobile telephone number if applicable.
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of adults who are authorised by the parent to collect their child from nursery. Passwords to be used.
  • Information about any person who does not have legal access to their child.
  • Who has parental responsibility for the child?
  • On occasions when parents or persons normally authorised to collect the child are not able to collect the child the parent will be asked to complete and sign a person authorised to collect my child form. This form includes all the person’s details that will be collecting the child.
  • We provide parents with our contact telephone number. We also inform parents that in the event that their child is not collected from nursery by an authorised adult (over the age of 16) and the staff have put all procedures in place that we apply our safeguarding procedure.
    If a child is not collected at the end of the session we will follow the following procedures.
  • If it is a morning session 5 minutes after the child’s collection time the Manager will be asked about any change to normal collection routine.
  • If it is at the end of a day 15 minutes before the nursery closes the Manager will be asked about any change to normal collection routine.
  • If no information has been changed staff will contact parent/carer at home or work.
  • If this is unsuccessful the adults who are authorised to collect the child from nursery and whose telephone numbers are recorded on the registration form will be contacted.
  • All reasonable attempts will be made to contact the parent/Carer.
  • The child will not leave the premises with anyone than those named on the registration form.
  • If no-one collects the child after 30 minutes and there is no one who can be contacted to collect the child, we apply the procedures for uncollected child.
  • We will contact the local authority care line and take advise from the on duty social worker telephone number 01744 676600 out of hours 08450500148 & ask for Social Services Department
  • The child will stay at the setting in the care of two fully vetted practitioners until the child is safely collected either by parents or a social worker.
  • Social worker will aim to find the parent or relative, if they are unable to do so the child will be admitted into the care of the local authority.