To ensure the Safety and Welfare of all children in the care of Little Foxes we operate a personal mobile phone usage policy which stipulates that personal mobile phones cannot be used when in the presence of children either on the premises or on an outing.

Little Foxes will ensure:

  • All staff/students/trainees mobile phones will be kept in a locked box throughout contact time with children and can only be used during staff break times of nursery premises. The box will be locked and the key will be stored in the locked office. At break times a designated practitioner may collect the key from the office and return after break times.
  • Mobile phone calls must only be taken at staff breaks or in staff’s personal time of nursery premises.
  • If staff have a personal emergency they are able to use the nursery landline and may be contacted via the nursery landline from families, children’s schools etc, it is each individual staff member’s responsibility to ensure their families are aware of the nursery phone number.
  • During outings staff members have access to the nursery mobile which does not contain a camera feature. This should be used for emergency purposes only.
  • Visitors to Little Foxes are to turn their mobile phones off, if they should be an independent worker and must have form of contact they are able to use the nurseries cordless landline.
  • Parents must not be allowed to enter areas where children are present using their mobile phone, staff members are to ask parents to end their phone call or ask them to continue their conversation outside on the nursery car park.
  • Apple watches or anything similar are included in this policy. Staff and students are not allowed to wear them and parents or visitors must not be allowed to use them in the areas where children are present.