We are very much aware of the importance of establishing healthy eating habits within nursery. Menus are planned on a four week basis and are displayed in the foyer of the nursery. Food offered is freshly made by our staff and is wholesome and balanced.

Our aim is to provide nutritious food and snacks, avoiding the intake of food and drinks containing sugar, salt, additives, preservatives and colourings.

Before the child starts to attend the nursery the staff discuss with parents/carers the child’s dietary needs including any allergies. Parents/carers of children who have special dietary requirements will be asked to provide as much information as possible about suitable foods. An allergy management plan is completed with the manager with a photograph of the child on it and information of what the nursery would do if the child came into contact with the food they have an allergy too. This management plan is displayed in the kitchen and in the child’s room for all staff to see.

Breakfast is offered to all children from 7:30/ 8am til 9.00am, if a child arrives after 9am and parents have not been able to give breakfast staff will prepare toast/ cereal. We encourage parents to arrive before 9am as it interrupts the morning’s activities.

Drinking water is available at all times of the day in children’s individual water cups.

Pre-school children have access to continuous snack this is held in the snack area , this encourages children to become independent and confident. All foods in the snack area are stored at the correct temperature and are cleared away at the end of the day.

Parents/Carers are advised if their child is not eating well.

Members of staff will sit with the children while they are eating and provide a good role model for healthy eating.

Children will be encouraged to develop good eating skills and table manners and will be given plenty of time to eat and develop social skills. Portion size is important as they have small stomach and under-developed guts which prevents them from consuming large amounts of food at one time so this is monitored by the staff.

We aim to encourage children to try new tastes and flavours and to experience food from other culture’s, ensuring children from all backgrounds encounter familiar tastes and also have the opportunity to try unfamiliar foods.

All staff will be encouraged to set a good example to the children by consuming suitable food and drink whilst in the presence of the children.

You can help us at home by reinforcing the message.

Tea Time

We do not provide a cooked meal at tea time although parents can provide their child with something for their tea. This must be a sealed meal suitable for the microwave. This will be kept in the fridge. Staff are not allowed to re-heat any foods.

Pack lunch

If parents wish to provide your child with a packed lunch our healthy eating policy must be followed. Packed lunches will be stored in the snack fridge clearly labeled.

Making Formula Bottles

We can provide formula milk as an optional extra for parents, however we will only supply Aptamil powdered formula. If parents do wish for staff to make their child’s bottle they must provide us with the relevant information as stated in the “All about me booklet” which all information is shared during the child’s pre-visits to Little Foxes. Once this information has been shared it will then be added onto the chart in the kitchen so all current staff are aware of which child needs which milk and how much if a child has specific timings for their feeds this will also be added. All bottles will be made one hour before the child is ready to be fed by a qualified member of our team. Parents are required to send in sterilized bottles labelled with their child’s name and a member of our team will ensure they are returned to you after each session.

Instructions on how to make a bottle using Aptamil guidelines are displayed in the kitchen.

We will notify Ofsted of two or more cases of food poisoning.