In the event of a breakdown in essential services to the nursery (e.g. heating failure, loss of water supply, severe weather conditions or where the nursery has to close or partially close due to an illness epidemic, it is important that you are familiar with the following procedures:

  • As far as possible the parents will be contacted by telephone and asked to collect their children as soon as possible.
  • Where the nursery has been closed due to failure of heating, loss of water supply or where the nursery has an illness epidemic please ensure that the nursery has re-opened before bringing your child the following day. We will try to keep parents informed of the ongoing situation.
  • In case of severe weather conditions, if the weather deteriorates during the day, you may be asked to collect your child early.
  • If heavy snow falls overnight, please establish that the nursery is open before bringing your child.

Please note : It is important to remember that some members of staff have to travel considerable distances and may be advised not to take the journey to the nursery in severe weather conditions. However; we will endeavour to have as many staff as possible at the nursery when this situation occurs. Some parents may be asked to take their children home due to staff ratios and for their children’s safety.