It is important to us at Little Foxes that should a parent, member of staff, student or volunteer wish to make a complaint, there is a clear set procedure for them to follow. Complaints might be informal (discussed and resolved verbally) or formally (put in writing)

If someone has a complaint about something or somebody in the nursery they should approach the Manager and request a mutually convenient time to discuss the concerns.

If the matter cannot be resolved satisfactory the Registered person in charge Mr James Brown will arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss the concerns.

Safeguarding issues can also be discussed with Timba Kanengoni: Local Designated Officer (LDO). Parents, visitors, staff and students can go direct to LDO although we recommend an in house investigation takes place first.

If the matter can still not be resolved through discussion with the registered person and the Manager then a formal complaint can be made.

Formal complaints need to be put in writing and include as much supporting evidence as possible.

  • Include dates
  • Include times
  • A brief outline of the nature of the complaint
  • Who the complaint is against/what the complaint is
  • What action you expect to be taken

Complaints need to be addressed to the Manager. When a formal complaint has been submitted it is reasonable to expect a written reply in acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint, as well as indication from the Manager of how the complaint will be addressed. The person making the complaint should be kept informed about the actions taken concerning the complaint.

When a formal complaint has been fully investigated and this means confidential interviews with other staff/parents where necessary, the Manager should ensure that the person who made the complaint is informed in writing of the outcome.

All complaints should be investigated and the person issuing the complaint should be informed of the action taken within 28 days of the complaint being registered with the Manager/Deputy.

If the person making the complaint is not satisfied with the outcome than the complaint can be referred to Ofsted for further investigation.

Telephone number 0300 123 4666
In writing to:
The National Business Unit
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD