Here at Little Foxes the children’s safety is paramount therefore risk assessments are in place to reduce the risk of harm to any child. Although if a child should sustain any injury the staff are to follow these steps:

  • Keep the child calm by constant reassurance.
  • Ask another member of staff or student to get the first aid box and any other first aid equipment needed.
  • When dealing with bodily fluids staff must wear gloves and wrap up any wipes etc, twice before disposing off them in a nappy bag.
  • Report all accidents to the manager/deputy.
  • Complete an accident form and retain in child’s personal file once parent/carer has been made aware.
  • If any child should sustain a head injury or bite the parents are to be contacted as soon as possible.
  • If any child should need further medical attention parents should be contacted. Failing to be able to contact parents, emergency contacts should be called and also failing this, were needed the child may be taken to hospital accompanied by two members of staff 1 of which will be a qualified first aider. Nursery mobile will be taken and the child’s personal details and parents/emergency contacts will be continually rang until we manage to contact someone.
  • Accidents must be followed up by the same member of staff that originally deals with the child.
  • If a child enters nursery with any injury staff are to complete an existing injury form on arrival.

More serious accidents where a child has been admitted to hospital or had a breakage should be reported to RIDDOR and Ofsted following their guidelines.